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If you arrived on this page, it is probably because you have discovered the Chaacetime’s universe.

Thank you for your interest. I am so glad when people read what I’ve written!

So thank you, dear Reader!

Chaacetime’s idea sprouted at the end of 2012- early 2013. At this time, I was working a lot. However, a part of my brain found time to create bits of history. When travelling by train or by plane, during the night … images, the contours of the plot were appearing to me.

I first imagined the universe, the notion of Space and Gateways, then Chaacetime and its meaning. When Paul, Baley and Edgard were in my head, I have no choice. I have to write. So I took a part-time job and started to write…

The adventure begun. At the end of 2015, I completed the “Chaacetime, the Origins” trilogy, published in 2016 and 2017. The French version, called “Chaestem, les Origines” (the original version, by the way 😊) was published in 2017-2018.